Over at the Multiplex of America in IMAX

Thursday, Feb. 27th, 2020
21h45 CET

Approximate representation

Approximate representation courtesy of moongiant . com .:. C9544C0C-4AD0-4F9B-9C1C-79B9199793B1 🌒

Take it from u.s., if you happen to be looking in the direction to the Eiffel Tower (South) from Les Halles (North) to its right (our left) you wont be able to miss a big bright celestial object next to a beautiful big Waxing Crescent; if our stargazing eye is not misaligned, that’s Venus, which for the second day in a row (tomorrow aussi, if clear Skys permit) it is acting as the right eye of Paul Stanley over the European firmament, needles to say, the moon is positioned just in the right angle as if that quadrant of sky is smiling right down on Tierra. To the distance and a bit less illuminated maybe your eyes can catch a glimpse of a dimmer dot, that’s Uranus, and no, Purple Pundit, öüï are not making D.A.T. up. It’s Astronomy, not astrology.

Earlier in the programming:

Grading Trump on the lower scale, as in Viper Scales, with all due respect to our fellow animals, the snakes; sorry Jim, The Gospels gave you a bad  sign  which is why your skin makes for great looking and always in style boots… for walking.


For the record .:.AD395450-1ED8-4462-AFD0-859817B0548C

Denial – Denial — Denial!!!

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette .:. C532F766-72A8-4851-8E4A-E0303CB54207 ☠️🦠🔬 Following the success of “ Hamburgers in Paradise”, the 45th president of the United States of America takes the “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” challenge, and if you know the Redneck Riviera “Americana” you will recognize the “propaganda”, because « the make america grEAT  a GAIN » does not have Culture, let alone, FOLKlore.


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