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Lucharán dedos a tres caídas sin límite de Ayahuasca y Té de Tila…

Jason Johnson's take

Jason Johnson’s take .:. 87F7B2ED-7483-4C37-AC28-7C8E21EC3CD7 ✈️🧁

… Cheat Sheet for all of our “Daily (ugly Mexican) Beasts” on Deadline, in Washington, D.C.:

Deer, Nicolle Wallace, it’s the one with a thing for Mussolini–like cabinet members in his administration.

Spanish bombs

Spanish bombs yo te quiero infinito — Yo te quiero con Mí corazón .:. EC65C861-24FD-4929-901E-75A81F0E0AE0 🍦A ver, a Ver, John Mill Ackerman, rebárajeam’Está, cabrón‽

Of course, José Díaz–Balart would probably be very “ Franco” about the whole “gotcha” question at the Sin City donkey show in Las Vegas, Snowed In, which is Espagnol for NeBahhhh-da:


Detalles — meanwhile, over at the Gary Barry Burke Show on the The Rachel Maddow Show, it’s time for “It’s up to your Imagination”; episode One, –again!. Just wait until he walks down from The Hill wearing an Uniform.

In Hilo, Hawaii it is already a Quarter to Four, get it? Un Cuarto para las Cuatro? And do you, non–readers, know how to draw un cuarto para las cuatro? Like this: 📐

Get it? It’s an angle! Four of those on opposite corners, makes a what? Anybody? Anyone? Four of those on opposite corners, makes a what? It makes for a CUADRO!!! Yea!

ISSY, doña INTI, in case the Bacardi crowd next to Le Parisian have not figured this riddle out, ask our friends at INDEED, because this here, dis here is an INTER•Mission, so continuing with our “how to frame a Cuatro”, Black History Month productions and A Band in Parts presents:

« Must show work for Credit »

Ex. 22_ The student will show, “by–the–numbers” how to add up the “Carpe Diem” con las horas de la Europa Central (hora por cierto, instaurada para satisfacer a Francisco Franco en España*) y meter un Cuatro en un Cuadro:

Las horas del Carpe Diem

Las horas del Carpe Diem .:. 9C102305-51CE-4BA4-92E2-D38D6A140D65 📐🥮 Attention  students, do not öüï repeat, DO NOT make the mistake of joining those “ones” D.A.R.E. in a twisted cross, SO PENA de muerte.

… Something, like this at 12h40 in Central Siren Times and, in case that YOU are wondering, INDEED! It’s Weekend Edition — Dee WikiEdition before Los Morenos estén por LLegar, it’s Carnaval and this segment is being brought to Jew, by the letter C. The Letter SEE, as in The Count, and if you know Jim Henson’s folklore, Al Pacino will understand what öüï [the staff of this most non–consequential ledger] is takin’bout, MEAT MÍ, the Count, on the next entry to grade “The Hunters”.

The Count on Telemundo

The Count on Telemundo .:. C48A8C27-EC99-44B2-93C5-1A221A2E4111 ✈️🧮🍰

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