Asumo mi crítica — Chuck Todd is obscene, and Eye Likes It!

Golden Boy Productions presents:

Cortesía de Telemundo

Cortesía de Telemundo .:. 355FDA6F-7025-46C2-BC25-A3F77FCC2BB5 —_•!•_— Must show WORK, not the political tutors powerpoints. •|• FOR THE RECORD, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not [we repeat] Andrés Manuel López Obrador  IS NOT a  “Politico de « izquierda »”, AMLO es un politico de ZUrDA SUrRADA”.

Triple G is a better boxer, “Canelo” just began to get it! Hat’s off to you Saúl.

Oré, D., “’Cancer does not wait’: Children’s medicine shortage stokes anger in Mexico.” Reuters, via « worldnews »,
FEBRUARY 17, 2020


ARROGANCE .:. 1571C538-8584-4950-A92E-495EF38EC9AE 🍌 “Hey SIRI,” How do you   RIGHT  write… « arrogance » in Polish? 🧶 FROM proceso (now on NETFLIX): CDMX… “En medio de las protestas por el asesinato de mujeres en el país, incluida Fátima en esta capital, la secretaria general de Morena, Yeidckol Polevnsky, rechazó que hayan aumentado los feminicidios y pidió a las feministas que sean más creativas para manifestarse”.

Señora, POLEvNSKI, please don’t bundle an episode of INFANTICIDE on netflix, and FEMINICIDE on le TeleMundo de Le Monde. For more on that, ask Senator Mitt Romney (the most Mexican, and outspoken of The Republicans « UtaH » on HBO) why Tijuana is a hotspot for everything from antibiotics TO children organs for rich Kids in The FREE WORLD. 

Dear, Mayor Pete, you, Sir, are a gift to humanity just like Notre Dame de Paris, as for u.s., öüï ourselves are more of a WordPress Jetpack®️, having said that, anybody who has not D.A.R.E.ed to venture into the Forum’s underground can call on the 21st Century post-it Note.

In Mexico, postit notes come in rolls:

LACE in yellow

LACE in yellow .:. AC7BC9B0-C410-451D-AC24-A815AF74006B Morena en AL ROJO VIVO.

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