Moving on — The Judas Taddeo two–step dance

Deer, Juan Branco:
You probably think this entry
is about you.

It's the 11th Hour

It’s The 11th Hour .:. EEC0D97E-5D62-4BEB-A12B-70AD1AB53D23 👁🚶🏽‍♂️… in Central Europe Thymes, and although this particular entry is not officially going to be compared with witt to: la réponse au rappel concernant la requête non finalisée 18/02/2020, you can be sure that it will be written in a Brian Williams voice, and yes Siren, Luc Fregón could be forgiven if he extrapolates himself into thinking that a fip time-stamp is anything more than D.A.T., a time piece for the moment, que mismo como dice el presidente de México: ¡corre y se va! —_•!•_— ✈️ And if you know the folklore, you know that it’s time for another edition of “¡Chingo!”, The Official 4th Transformation of La Lotería Nacional para la asistencia pública

Nevermind them Russians,
here comes
The Sex PistolEROS
… [B]ola de KoolArrows!

Context for Mika follows:

¿Mande Usted, niño Luc¿

¿Mande Usted, niño Luc? .:. 939A013F-4733-49A5-811E-50FA0DEDCA36 _—•!•— Please stand by for Coverage, because there is plenty of Water.

In the meanwhile, “Let’s play Hardball”

And D.A.R.E. it was, the exact moment when the New York Version of “El Niño Luc Fregón” realizes that Da’Man was using an Old Page to troll little Sista’:

Sam Stein is—El Niño Luc en N.Y.C.

Sam Stein is—El Niño Luc en N.Y.C. .:. B8CCBD7B-A1AC-4DB5-B4EC-37EF00A35E26 📻 Straighten that tie you bum!

¡Pley bol!

It was the bottom of the FOist segment on last night’s edition of Chris Matthews, when suddenly, TIM O’Brian abducted the Hardball talking onion head. Is It Possible, that Mr. Matthews inner troll was triggered when Zerlina Maxwell felt like dropping a Sirius “mom” Joke; it was a brutal episode. A $50k paycheck sure short’s the fuck out of the Pundits circuits:

[Attention editors: Zerlina Maxwell’s role is rendered by Keenan Thompson]

— Elizabeth might be taller than him, Chris, so I’m interested to see D.A.T., but when you see that…

>> Do You Think that’s funny that Mister BLOOMBERG is short, you communist!

I just think that it will be an INTErEstIng visual.

And in WaWa Land

And in WaWa Land, Cousin Joe is standing next to Third base relaying .:. C241BA57-EDBB-4DC8-9879-1DC92B08836B ⚾️ « Don’t tear it off, don’t tear it off! ». 🦵🏻Meanwhile, over on Deadline Pundit, Frank Fegluzzi is sending signals with the following smoke puffs: It’s an interesting visual, runner on Second ¡TEAR –IT– OFF!

Over at the Serie del Caribe, Team México is going bonkers because that Mid-Western Miner Daughter forgot “el cacas*” name, and Mexicans at the All–You–Can–Eat Circus—Circus buffet line complain that it’s easy Amy Kloubuchar, AMLO’s name is #el cacas. El Cacas is Andrés most recent name. Anygüey, Chuck Todd, the only thing that Amy needs to remember about the president of Donald Trump’s backyard is D.A.T.: ”El Cacas” Obrador just beat mister Trump’s undisputed heavyweight lying record and, « el cacas » achieved this enormous feat in one year; one year, Chuckes. President López out-lied the Big Shit in Washington in one fucking year. Think about that, Nicolle, because in 2020 López Obrador gets an extra day to lie. So, to put it in Chicago speak, López Obrador, “el cacas” is All-In. In conclussion, Senator Amy Kloubuchar, don’t worry about the president of Mexico  name nomenclature.

… continued on the next post up above 🖕🏼

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