In Hilo Hawaii, Ms. Hauc is 08 hundred hours

Ladies from Gemini: GET YOUR FINGERS READY!

Breaking news

Breaking news .:. 2C6FA717-86E8-4984-9CFC-D61C056F0B6B 🎩 Entire Mexican state (of Catemaco) forgets “El Cacas” name. Ver para creer.

“Let’s get ready to Rumble… or something like that. —Fighting out of the Purple corner, and dangling pardons like a Gotham City villain, is Donald Trump… on the Burgundy angle: elllllllllllllllll PRRReSI–dente de Méjico. The referee for this bout is Donnie Deutsch and nevermind D.A.T.  every time D.A.T. this Manhattan sonovabitch giggles when he hears the word « homeless », because Donnie Deutsch is a sick bastard.

Trash talk in Vegas

Trash talk in Vegas .:. 7075A150-5A1E-41B4-B084-1983A32A0174

Deer, Telemundo, Eye keep forgetting that Spanish–feller’s name… Faido (Fido, for the good people in Little Havana), Solo–vino (Only wine, not to be confused with —Ahhhh! EUREKA!!! Excellsior!!! D.A.R.E. it is!!!— Solovino, el perrito faldero de Henrique Kissinger, mejor conocido como don Marqués Mario de los VargasLLosa; nota Al Rojo Vivo, la doble ele es para hacer énfasis en esta* nota de los trolls en La Jornada, and how trolls on instagram have su agosto en Campaña Electoral, and Ms. Hauc, if you know and understand the folklore, unlike your colleague Díaz-Balart, you’ll know why the eight month of an earthling’s calendar is when Mexicans make their lay–a–güey bucks.

La constitución .:. 4B35AEA1-D7FE-4065-AE84-5018ED624CC1 📡 La constitución de el nombramiento de un presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

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