Previously on 8 Second sources — V is for Visual

Ladies in Gemini, Punkxsutawney Phil’s SHADOW has been rigged!!! And Willie Geist is the main rigger in this rather sketchy bit, starring the letter `V’–Vee is for Venezuela… “didn’t SEE his SHADOW,” my ass!

Eye got U beyV

Eye got U beiV .:. 01022B0F-AA93-4CDE-BF68-3C1DE0AA82AC

https ://www .foxnews .com /world /venezuelas-guaido-wants-trump-meeting

Over at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami (armpit of The School of The Americas) no pasa nada. Elsewhere in America, it’s Thyme for the Puppy Bowl, and —OH, the HUMANITY!!!— this year’s edition just added CHATIRA as a double-feature Half–Thyme Show to fill–in the Shadow of PUSSYFER LÓPEZ tail.

La Sombra de G.W. Bush

La Sombra de G.W. Bush… and fuck Hillary Clinton (Aussi).

Stay tuned–out for details on that most non–consequential KITTY HALF THYME SHOW.

Deer HOBBeS, meet André, he’s French so, subtitles are kneaded for this here CAT.

André the cat

André the cat .:. 9994C25F-685C-4FA7-99E8-AD04353CC964 — Henri is his existential shadow.

Hoy No Hubo Jazz
Three Blind Mice stole it

https ://youtube .com /channel /UCKV9BaMeTZ1XkpTzvJl226Q

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