1 de febrero, 2019 – Heil, Donald The First!

“Gloria a Dios en las alturas

And in Washington

And in Washington .:. 3ACB9D87-76DC-4ED3-8FF5-040106206E4F —_•!•_— Jeff Bezos bought the impeachment trial. Pre-Order the damning truth in the Voice of Brian Williams… ARI MELVER deliberates. Read all about it on The Washington Post!!!

… recogieron las basuras de mi calle
ayer a oscuras”

Brought to you by

Manu FO' Fingers

Manu FO’ Fingers, that Rahm Israel Emmanuel’s got some Splaynin’ to DO .:. 5412DD4E-90FC-4A9D-9826-00BE277CC741

* … in Hilo, Hawaii, it is 10 p.m. of the night before, with Brian Williams at the controls; and in his voice you would be excused if you think that the media in  Black at the Herald–Tribune, there, has an RGB value of: #000000

Jazz went on vacation; enjoy the silence.

Fuck you Tim Apple

Fuck you Tim Apple .:. 9F49602F-1174-4A06-ABFA-F2350E5AE9DA ⏱ Got the time?

Meanwhile in Paris, at the STRIKE of the 11th Hour on the p.m. half, the Clock just went ahead and skipped a beat; it happens quite often, losing time on a hand-held device.

"Yippee Kay Ay, motherfucker."

AnyWAY“, Pepper dearest (Woody Harrelson) did you know that on January 31, 2020 the French went ahead an invented The Cowboy, güey?

Roy Rogers picture courtesy of

Roy Rogers screen-grab is courtesy of .:. D840E037-EA6D-4358-A4E8-B641B76B36E7 🕰📷⌛️📸 The Unesco fund for French discoveries, and The Lucky Luke Memorial at Saintes Maries de la Mer (30240).

Attention, FRENCH people, for the RECORD, and for the PURPOSES of providing CONTRAST to the MONSIEUR Yannick at Le Redaction de La Préfecture de Police (75013), please be advised that the RGB Value for Woody Harrelson is # ffffff.

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