V is for Veremos — La Semana que Philippe Labró

— {Knock, Knock} …

Well you've heard about ...

Well you’ve heard about the… .:. 614141D9-918D-4F32-88D2-324E431E2235 “It’s not one of those”.

— Who D.A.R.E.?

The One after M.J.

— The Gloved One?

Na’ Nigga! AIR!!! ♒️

V is for Viaje

V is for Viaje .:. D20CBBD4-E184-46FE-97F2-2E59D83F4A8E

— Ah, ÖÜÏ oui, youse D.A.T. jersey from the West Coast. Man, Eye tell’ya that Cuban is letting everybody in [por el lado de dallas] next thing you know, Fi’ty Cent is gonna be playin’ The Alamo!!!

— Mec, Fuck The Alamo. YOU must really be HIGH on that Cloud 9 of yours, lest you F.O.get, Nº 8 was already there when them Santa Anna winds reshaped the Voting map with Civil War losers like Ted “Bowie” Cruz.

We, the staff say Goodbye to The U.K. and, say hello to BLACK HISTORY MONTH:

Here's to all Hostages of Hope

Here’s to all Hostages of Hope .:. D74FEB72-3A3F-48A8-A217-A0F660F8E1B2 🐴 Cory Booker meets… wait for it, wait, wait; in the meanwhile, Brian Williams, “V” is for Truth en Espagnol.

Eat a Peach!


8 second SOURCE, follows:

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