Previously on Amy Kloubuchar’s Cartoon obsession

BD pour BiBi, a Lifetime original
Coming to the C~SPANs after the acquittal of Nº 45 in a dying branch of the American Experiment, and its Experience; but FOist!

La fin de l’enfance, pg. 22;
… [A]nd a message to Adolf.

« Without Batman, crime is not amusing »

« Without Batman, crime is not amusing », según un tal Quentin Girard, en le Lib .:. D9D72E36-6D45-4A30-84C8-A0423CBD4BBF 🃏 Y por si faltara menos, el muy Libertino afirma ¡CON LUJO DE CARCAJADAS!!! — ¡SEÑORA!!! “que hay que estar bien BoVo, si on allait manger chinois?»🗯♦️

Page 32, Libération; Jeudi 30 Janvier 2020

L’homme qui rit
with musical guest:
The Steve Miller Band

“… [T]o Be Continued.”
The leading MANAGER of the democratic side of Donald John Trump’s REMOVAL FROM OFFICE to the American sheeple on why the republican side of the Trump administration regime is AFRAID of John Bolton’s DRUG DEAL TESTIMONY.

Meanwhile in WaWa Land; it’s Cock blocking night at the HILL, over at Peacock Central, Sen. McCass just forward Lamar Alexander (R–TN) email to Rachel Maddow, because the Control Room saw that Rachel’s inbox is FULL.

The problem with lifetime appointments

The problem with lifetime appointments .:. 8F3FBE9F-9946-4C59-A9C8-D2FEB41FF3E6 🤧🤐😷 The problem with SCOTUS is that “for life” clause.

It’s the 11th Hour in EST and Brian Williams just said Hi!

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