Number 8th in the Chamber, request

“Drug deal” request… “He Knows Too Much”.

If, and only IF

{If, and only IF Chief Justice Roberts does not use the Constitutional ACE under his gavel ball-pin striking end, then Chief Justice Roberts SUCKS a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s dick} .:. EFDD5C04-5D29-49F1-AF99-4EF68BA54D04 🍌

Former Senator Barbara Boxer (D–CA) is told by Brian Williams to stand–by as Chief Justice Roberts reads the tally for “the” Amendment n° 7 request, which as expected, sucked a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s little tiny dick…

“Oh say 🎶 can you see"

“Oh say 🎶 can you see”, the failure of that HYPOCRITICAL “Pledge of Allegince” .:. A51B3E77-099E-44C1-A74C-3693C439771C —_•!•_— President Trump Flooded the SWAMP with golf balls sucked by his pretty little mouth through Vladimir Putin’s Dick.

“Tiny”, by–the–güey is Vladimir Putin dick’s pet name.

Lat/Long:  19°42'N / 155°05'W

In HILO, HI {Lat/Long: 19°42‘N / 155°05‘W} .:. 16B29FE2-F9C0-4421-943E-C93943BD4FD3 🏄🏽‍♂️ in HST it’s 8 p.m. on a still, Tuesday night.

And in Babylon 2, over at the Rainbow Room, Brian Williams just said, “Oh, to hell with it; take over Baldy, and give my regards to « the Buzzfeed »”.

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