1–2–3, Check Önë — Oh, hey Hallie Jackson

234, Check Two… [O]h, Ari Melber. Youse such a pimp; Noonan noonanUn, Dos ~ Tres Check again.

Los decálogos de Python

Los decálogos de Python… D’errrrr taking our gods!!! — Thank you MEGxit!!!

Previously on: No Jurarás el nombre de El Señor, —Lord Brian— en vano.

Hello, Elise, say D.A.R.E. Southern Belle, the Reverend Sharpton wont let mí lie (with you) but Eye did promise y’All Three Knights, here’s the FOist, it’s the Templar kind, or somthing like D.A.T..


Fuck the Police!

Sacré  Vache — Fuck the Police! .:. AAE68E2F-E434-404C-81E0-68608071A799 🤺 There’s som.:.thing about Anne.

Emmanuel Macron: “I’m sorry, but we know the rules. Nobody has to provoke nobody”

In other news, “Always look on the bright side of [Idle] Life”.

Time now for the new Knews

Time now for the new Knews .:. E9076C9B-3001-445F-A709-721D90797AE6 🔦 on you Crazy 💎; even the Siren Den is doing a minute of Silence tonight.

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