Intermedio before the First Witness “request”

Ladies in Gemini,
as promised, the meat is scheduled to arrive to the Senators cena by the time Morning Maddow gets her make-up on, which happens to be when Chris Hayes is about ready to wipe his make-up off.

Page 3

Page 3 .:. FEA77908-0E8C-41EE-86F2-65B051F51D4F 🍽 “FUNDAMENTAL fairness,” said the Senator from Brooklyn, — no less.

For the uninitiated, we [the staff] would like to kindly make a note and remind all of our non–readers, that during the impeachment process of the worst liar who ever set foot at The Oval Office, there is no such thing as a “congressman and/or congress person/woman”, no ma’am, right now, all U.S. Representatives are Senators, so with that in mind, öüï have it on good authority and have been cleared for relay:

President Nixon, as compared to the guy representing the White Building at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, in Washington D.C., was a motherfucking Soprano, while Donald (that motherfucker) is deprived from ever hitting a high-note; Donald can’t even blow a whistle, —but BOY, can that sonovabitch suck a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s dick, just like the 53 Republican Senators who might vote against* the FOist witness in the Donald John Trump impeachment process.



HIGHnoon update*
The 53 Republican senators all voted to make a mockery of High School level History/Government/Civics curriculum in the United States of “BetsyDeVos.

Remember "the alamo"

Remember “the alamo” you stupid motherfuckers, this man HELD funds for first responders during the American smack in the face, by n°43’s business partners in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and if that does not sink–in, this man is advocating for the New York mayor who went around the world profiting from that same tragedy, that the “ARBUSTO” stake-holders perpetrated on the Tallest Building in New York, ahead of Trump’s tower, of course.


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