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To all of our non-readers, we apologize for having to break into two sections our year end review of Las Fuentes de doña Vilma and her publisher’s mission statement [at La Jornada] titled “Who we are; Society on the princesses mirror“, but a sicario passed by our squattor’s den at Les Halles (this is true, not making it up) we now continue with our triangulation follow-up on the Local News.

How did that work out?

How did that Engine block work out?

Can anything good come out of el Río Nazas?
https ://www .pressreader .com/mexico/milenio-laguna

Érase que se era…
[Y] luego se fue

D.A.T. D.A.R.E is Arctic Monkees potential

Look, you could meet someone you like
During the meteor strike
It is that easy
Lunar surface on a Saturday night
” —_•!•_— D.A.T. D.A.R.E is Arctic Monkees potential .:. D096C30B-32EF-4C32-AE49-9CBE874C0A76 •|• “4 Stars out of 5”, it’s like a swinging cock, or a pendulum¹ if youse into Freudian slips.

Indeed, say Öüï! We once witnessed the best Watermelons, man!!! True Fact, that is, Madame, until the Canadian mining industry arrived and hogged all of the water destined for the land, POR DIOS, a fucking Agro university was installed there in that semi-arid region to farm the land, not to send the underground resources to the Private banks in Canada. (Sources follow… if mr. breaky-doors doesn’t get in our makeshift bloggers desk after midnite when our writing sessions begin… motherfucker).

Párrafo 24
Who We Are:
Society in the princesses mirror
Carmen Lira Saade
en La Jornada:

In Mexico, the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari carried on, radicalizing, the ruthless politics of his predecessor; indiscriminate commercial market aperture, sketchy sales to the highest bidders of the state active holdings, a frontal attack to victories from workers victories wins in both unions and grassroots [fronts] and, in cuts to state social well-being institutions… [A]s part of the anti-grassroots offensive the constitutional regime of land possession was modified.


Como parte de la ofensiva antipopular se modificó el régimen constitucional de tenencia de la tierra. Con la obsesión salinista de la rentabilidad, la competitividad y la eficiencia, los campesinos pobres, comuneros, ejidatarios y jornaleros, fueron abandonados a su suerte. El agro dejó de ser alternativa de vida –o, al menos, de sobrevivencia– y se volvió un ámbito sin horizontes para millones de mexicanos, muchos de ellos indígenas. La única perspectiva que les ofrecía el gobierno modernizador era emigrar a las ciudades para integrarse a las masas de miserables urbanos.


1. Like a swinging cock or, a pendulum:


IBID .:. 71D6BF24-1498-4FD5-A816-99702527D88C •|• Hoy no hubo Jazz, period

2. Shouting Text and EMPHASIS is mine.

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