Eye Gknew It!!! — The Devil is a Howling Maher fan

You are obsolete, Werewolf!!!

Pleased to meet you

Pleased to meet you .:. 9256F440-38F4-4745-9CB7-CC064720E35A

Obsolete like Books, and Newspapers!
Obsolete! And take that “Woody” Biden with you. Joe Piscopo¹,in the role of a taller Caucasian is playing the “VP’s” role. Woody can go fuck a Zombie for all that öüï “The” People care.

Episode Two?

Nov 2020… Episode Two? .:. 5C0AFB03-94C2-40F2-A521-114D9B78B343


1. By that standard, Joe Piscopo would defend Berlusconi’s behavior in Italy, and “il Duce’s” « moxi » in the “young Axis” European theater. Via: https ://youtube .com /watch?v=XYZs5IC0X88   

* Taller (Angry) Caucasian: Jason Sudeikis

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