… and in Washington, Cousin Joe is on an extended pijama vacation

Carnival–ex… takes you all the way
to Heaven and Hell

Over at the Siren den, the Jazz Defenders are playing Chess with themselves, and in Chile, —in Chile no pasa nada.

Dark Horse Strategies

Dark Horse Strategies .:. CDBF5BFC-367F-4CC6-8132-61CFBD3E3ACC •👁• coloring by: Terminator ✖️at CBS parodies; 1961©️ —!— The one “el” ROD got wrong… it was supposed to be Pinochet, but the Show did not make it that far, South of The Backyard. “HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE”, Comandante Ché Guevara.

In the Twilight Zone, Columbo, in the role of Clemente Ramos is searching for Jesus. Meanwhile, at Studio 3–A in Rockefeller Plaza, David Ignatius discovers —through a DNA testing kit— where Michael Che’s (of Weekend Update and TDS fame) gets his “tranquil” traits… spoiler alert, Michael “Che” has got “Tobar’s” blood running all over his Ancestry kit.

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