Dear, God: hoy sí hubo Jazz! Yeah.

Hello, Sir, and or Madam…

Rue Rivoli

Page 681 .:. D6ED75C0-9DBE-4C55-914E-D6448CACB419 •|• Impasse SATAN, “búsquele bien. Cerca de ese callejón sin Salida usted podra encontrarse con el pasaje Dieu (page 195*). Un habitante del lugar le dio ese nombre a l’impasse, en 1907, su nombre actual. Devons~nous rappeler que Satan est le chef des démons et qu’il cherche à mener L’HUMANITE à sa chute. Recall that this evil MONSTER took on the appearance of a snake to tempt Eve, at The Paradise (a Vodka Bar near Rue Rivoli; pg. 633). Et n’oubliez surtout pas que, même de nous jours, il prend souvent les aspects les plus AFFRIOLANTS pour nous détacher du Seigneur… AUSSI, tous ensemble, entonnons « Vade retro Satanas » •|• “Shit!” Responded, Lucifer; followed by a “pleased to meet you [too],” adding, —now that you know one of my many “passports and visas” names. —^•!•^— Source: Bernie Stéphane’s OWN, “Dictionary of street names”, in Lutecia, Paname, París. Ediciones, Mengès, Janvier MMV. Nouva Staampa Mondadori, ITALIA.

Please don’t allow Navy officer (seal) Edward Gallagher, the opportunity to become a police officer. Or a deputy sheriff, not even a shopping mall guard.

War criminal

War Crimes, and misdemeanors. •|• Episode One… de lesa humanidad.. The problem with some cops.

A–Men. A man and a woman (since the eradication of the Neanderthal) are the only ones responsibles for all the Live~Evil on this Planet, 3rd Rock from The Sun, casi esquina con 30 Rockefeller Plaza, at Babylon II.

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