Hey, Vero… hay te hablan.

27 de diciembre, 2019
660 rue Pwr, París
75000 Cedex

Paso del Norte

Coronado .:. 72F823AC-2247-4AA5-A39A-9B33AFBDB9AE •|• Texas District 16 of the United States House of Representatives is a Congressional district that serves El Paso and the surrounding area in the state of Texas. The current Representative is Democrat Veronica Escobar.

Xínguele, Mija; si no a Xingar a su madre con don Beto y su suegro.

Now in case the County Commissioner, the City Manager, and of course, mi tocayo, Armando Cabada en el Canal 44 del Ayto. de Juaritos begin to wonder why it matters, just think of the name Stephen Miller, the “Trump Whisperer”. A man who if given the chance would throw his own people (the tribe of Abraham) in the white supremacists ovens.

don Sangron

don Sangrón .:. C84DCCBB-2AF0-497C-AD24-D8DE2D4AB817 •|• DES DONS DE SANG
L’Etablissement français du sang alerte, car on est loin des 10 000 dons par jour néces- saires pour les stocks.

Any güey, BLOOD. If have some, donate.

https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20191220

Still to come…

Ray Donovan the Musical

Ray Donovan the Musical .:. 9ED5E27F-1446-47CF-857F-42AD1E49F778 •|• For all the Die Hard fans in Boston, Bridget Donovan uses Martin Scorsese’s aging technology to pull of the “Boomer” look in, RAY DONOVAN, the musical.

Ray Donovan goes into the witness protection program… and gets a job at Vanity Fair; it’s the “Year of The Woman” so have–at–it, just don’t say it in French, the “weaker” sex hates being called that around here, local law Slaps you with a 58€ fine if you are caught uttering the word, « woman! » in French.

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