Meanwhile in M.E.N.* — John Mill Ackerman’s wife does the Dirty Laundry

* Mexican Evangelical News

A-posteriori judgement

A-posteriori judgement by a Nepotist académicien del Instituto de Altos Estudios (franceses) Latinoamericanos en Saint–Germain-des-Près. •|• Aussi, A.M.L.O. también se acomoda como M.A.L.O., as in No Bueno, ziñor. For further context, please contact prof. John Mill Ackerman at Quinta “La Xingada”. —^•!•^— Buy, “the güey” síñor Ackerman, Automated polls have no Graham… perdón, no grammar.


In Alabama U.S.A. new
Who Knew News‽

Billy’s son turns into a Las Vegas (lovin’), Swinging Preacher, Alpha Trump loving male.

Jesus Christ complex

The Jesus Christ Complex, starring Pretty (Slobo Humping Hobo Babe) Woman’s husband

Meanwhile at Cousin Joe’s breakfast show, it’s Ugly Ties d.a.z.e.

Any güey.

Anygüey .:. 006A1673-432F-4308-9E42-C1D23CCDDC6D •|• Pant Suits are optional


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