Consider the following… Upon arrival to France we* met a gentleman

* We, the staff of this most non-consequential
A Priori blog.

The following is a very
non-consequential digression

Öüï once knew a guy

Öüï once knew a guy .:. 68CCCA91-C7F6-47BA-AF65-D3375EB23B01 •|• And if you ever enjoyed Mike Judge’s “Office Space” then you might begin to understand what an “Occupational Sicario©️” is.

His job was the exact opposite of “Las Patronas” at La Soupe Populaire in the 6th Capital district of Paris, now, just so that this digression is not misinterpreted as “French Bashing”, you should know that people who study under a Mexican government scholarship here in France, which is called a “beca” refer to this these “colonias”, with the catchy name of “Arrondissements” and if you happened to have witnessed a few Late Shows with David Letterman, then you know that that particular French “catchy” word was one of his favorites; next to “numero Cinco”, of course.

After the break,
Nicolle Wallace will Show it to You.

At this point, some A POSTERIORI context might be in order. This context about the NPR scoop from FRANCE TELECOMM (Orange) is zeroed–in with a viewfinder in Mass Communication from a West Texas Town community college, and if you ever watched an episode or two of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you might recall that he (Jay Leno) did not think too much too highly about Veterans of Foreign Wars returning to school for re-training back into civilian life.


Dear Fip Stream, please don’t hold the news against u.s., we [the staff] don’t deal les actualités; öüï just play’em, we did not ASK to be in this situation, but rather, öüï where cornered into it.

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