Sunday Mornings, dear Lorde… “it’s everyday 4–All Eye cares”

It’s Saturday Night, in Winsconsin, A-men.

Deer, Anna Karina

Deer, Anna Karina, there is nothing, nothing that you can do. BECAUSE YOU ARE DEAD now. GRETA and her generation is fucked because people on the LEFT, on the CENTER, and on the RIGHT only care about one thing, which is: their position on the LANE. In FRANCE, the very sycophants call it going with THE flow.:. CED82E1E-D25F-4444-BE81-85175160C477 •|•
“ZED IS DEAD”, and don’t call it a motard, it’s a CHOPPER, frenchy. EYE IS A NECROMANCER… and you can take Three from them Eight Years warning: WE HAVE FIVE YEARS, sweetie.

par de Putos

So, mr. Che you think them actors are Elfs, nope, those peoples are Gknomes and they do “Ramonage” in France.

And in £ondon: Pete Davidson is going away to Punta Cana. Pete got to old for Deer Lorde. And that’s the show Michael Che. Nothing to see this week, except a couple hot dead strippers, one of them TOO a carbon copy concha of Catherine Deneuve.

Leo "di" Cohen Caprios

LeodiCohen Caprios.:.FD50C766-46A0-4731-9ABE-CFF8DA38CCB7 •|• Deer, Keenan Thompson, you ancient aliens relic EWE, can you tell what’s missing from the F.R.A.M.E. up (with David Gurah) above? And if you say Ichabod DEPP, you too (motherfucker) get a Gknome. Yes, Sir… indeed. Sincerely, Axl “DOLEMITE” Foley. ISSY, you chunky Treasure (token) you: Eye is blacker than you.

For the books, period

EVRYbody Gnows that the good guys lost »

Season 45, Episode on “the” Cloud Nine…

Deer, musical guest:
Is that an “invisible” sock running down your right thigh while you stand next to Colin’s wife, or could you just not wait to prance your way over to DEXTER REED for a “Good Burger”? Sir.

Information follows.

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