Rue Jean Lantier… 75001 – a Hole in the Wall

Short monarchical people have no reason…

“Voici quelque chose profonde pendant tu fais caca”,
dijo CouCou.

Ne touche pas à mon dignité

Fip actualité… no quarter until 2020.

Welcome, to our Maiden Edition of:
You Can’t Steal My Radio… 3.1416

Starring, the lovely voice of Susana Sepulveda with the background harmonies of Luc Fregon y los sepultureros.

Coming Attractions:

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot, but Fenster was the real talent in that D.A.R.E. line-up.:.C9E55F9A-4B30-4E82-A21C-C8C5E75CFA16 •|• Fip Actualités follow.

“Oswald was a fag”
The Usual Suspects
Feb. 27, 2020
Grand Action Cinema
Rue des Écoles

And in Washington, Willie Guist sold the world as a dumb blind Alabama Choir boy fast-talked his way on the 🦚 Think (M1A1)… Oh, the humanity! Let’s hope that the levee does not break on this bitch.

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