“One foot on the gas, and one on the brake, Hey!”

Ladies in Gemini, it has come to our attention that Ray Donovan’s little princesse iPhone is infected with “hisPiss”.

In Two Thymes Zones

In Two Thymes Zones.:.42333C4E-E97B-46C1-A9F8-7A03D44E93EC •^!^• Eye can’t Drive 55

Mean, while the Evil “Circle” of wait stalls the Morning Maddow re-run show and, keeps its business stuck on second gear, the spin in WaWa land from the White House is like a purée de papa blended by the helicopter rotor blades of MARINE ONE without a “Jesus Nut” on the rotor mast… in other words, the Republican side of the Trump defense needs a fast-talking used car salesman with a doctorate in “divinity” studies in order to make it to 2020.

https ://science .howstuffworks .com/transport/flight/modern/helicopter5

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