BFM’er TV Presents: Journée Test, starring Whiskers Stalt[h]er

Paris, France

CoolTure Geek is for fags

CoolTure Geek is for fags.:.EFBBF28D-1957-4479-BE6B-6BFA7D36CEDC -^•!•^- Viva Les Nerds (motherfucker).

Issy, now that the Executive and, guidon bearer of the 5th Republic of General Charles de Gaulle has taken care of a little noisy conflict on the Eastern Front, Mr. Jupiter will be tested on his ability to untangle los hilos de un Gran Bouchon at the retirement home… Clemencia Dibout has all the “por menores” desde Châtelet.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Walk a Mile in My Shoes.:.89372ECC-B2D5-4CD1-84B2-A173C9DC4067 •|• “Satisfy Mí, Baby”…  no insistas Clémence, my Heart Belongs To Suzi.

Mean, while La Soupe Populaire abre sus puertas, Uno de cada Tres clochardos andan bien Buchones.

Au bout

Au bout, Manu… get busy, boiiiiiii.

Coming up in the programming:
Sweet Baby Jesus!
It’s a session with Baguettes!
Let’s her it for our favorite Drummer,


La Guadalupana

La Guadalupana a manazO y a El Santo (Val Kilmer) nunca conoció.

Sólo para conocedores.

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