In Babylon TWO it’s Saturday Night

This is not a drill — This Is Not A Drill…

What can Brown do for you


Efeméride.:.971D6F08-6F21-46FC-8ED2-90611C4AE9E7 —•_!_•—

It was 78 Years Ago.
Emperor Hirohito
told the Suicide Squad to Play.

—– Ocean Front Property in ARIZONA
—– from the Front Porch you can see
—– the SEA — I got some
—– Ocean Front Property in Arizona
—– if you buy that Donald Trump will
—– Throw UKRAINE, —in for F.R.E.E.
—– punto y aparte:

Santa Consuelo de los Espaldas Mojadas

If you buy that WALL.:.FC9E4B3F-C24A-43B5-A698-CF98174AAB5F •—_!_—• Jared Kushner will throw in The Golden Gate in for F.R.E.E. and, if you chose Marina “la pluma”, she W.I.L.L. throw “La Bendita” Torre Eiffel at no additional Cost!!! Call GNOW!

Mean, while Our Lorde Lorne books CheLo for the Superball Half-Thyme Show, on Fifth Avenue, Donald Trump is on his way to becoming a regular Yankee that can –and will Be Convicted– for shooting a Smurf on Fifth Avenue… Donnie Deutsch narrates.

Coming Up:
Chainz on some guy
… not as bad ass as this here
nigga from England
and she’s into SHREK.

In Local News:

Colin Jost can turn any Shrimp
into a Gknome, and Michael Che can piss on any bum breast-feeding on the tram.

They got

🎼… [T]hey got little Ears, and little cars going beep–beep–beep, —Don’t want no Short people— don’t want no short people `round here 🎶🎶🎶 .:. In the frame, a young Dr. Fiona Hill commercial portfolio shot for her Eastern European gig in Somalia… Esas arracadas scream, watch out, Putin’s little bitch, Pelusa McKinnon is coming to git’cha.

Broadway Video Advertorial, narrated by Donnie Deutsch

[Wooderson McConauhey]
— Yeaaaahhhhh, if you don’t keep it as thight as J-Lo you are losing your babysitter gig.

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