Deer, Brian Williams: Today is a T.H.E.Y. that will live in infamy

París, Francia
Passage de la Canopée
LADA +33
No Retreat – No Surrender

Sir, please give our regards to mr. Peter Baker of them New York Times, Aussi, s’il vous plaît, with sugar on top, please inform the Purple Pundit‘s go-to Will Rogers (from-the-waist-down) böy, —Garrett Haake— that “21 Hour work–days” are for principiantes, and of course, for fags.

The Sailin that stole Just Like Starting Over.

Clean up time

Clean up Thyme.:.0896ABDA-FD64-4358-B081-2430136552A9 •_¥_• Arthur was a fag.

And So This Is Christ–o-pher?
You Say You Want A Cross
on your Season…
have at it!

£ CAK€

£ CAK€.:.663C7AF0-0E01-4BF7-8C78-D96E0557EAA5 •|• POUNDcake, for PANAMA fans. Fuck dancing with “The Devil”, JACK… öüï run after, next to, on top, sideways and ¥€$, even under that “pretty” motherfucker; with All Due Respect, of course. —^•_!!_•^— Eye Saved Andy WARhol…y, punto

“We’ll get Higher, and Higher”, sang the Red Rocker while wearing the Uniform of Van Halen.

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