That’s right, Cousin Joe… Skidaddle out of the Jazmin set


And please, you hydrocephalus talking monkey, don’t pretend that you and Mika weren’t holding the Big Kat behind the “Güey too early” set.

Breaking News...

0300 hours in El Ey Time is also acceptable for the release deadline, that’s when the Energy comes and when Meacham talks to the dead; the brain dead. •_!_• The Brain Dead, by the way, is a Lounge where Meacham moonlights as a bartender in Bumfuck, Tennessee. –•^_!!_^•– In this frame, Katty Kay is catching-up with the “Boys Club” laughing at Donald Trump back in her home turf, Land of bad teeth and shape-shifting lizards.

C’mon MAN!!! Who you two think you are foolin’, it’s definitely not the Poles because as the Washington early morning volunteer cross guard and Pulitzer Prize winner, Eugene Robinson knows: the Poles are Talking… especially in Wisconsin, land of bad cheese, MAN!!!

All bandidos are beasts.:.

All bandidos are beasts.:.A27F5F1C-D8F1-48B0-9183-AA3553C89395 •-_¥_-• Yet, not all beasts are bandidos, take for instance, them Mapaches,

And there it is… the fucking Bad Mexican, Sam Stein in the set; lemme’ Guess, Katty Kay was not missing, she was on a Hot Air Balloon with Bono and You Too, eh, Cousin Joe‽ Get your alibis right, JACK.

Across The Atlantic, PROGRESSIVE C.F.R. recognizes the mistakes of The Houston Astros School of the Americas in Punta Cana.

Yes it is

Yes it is… Gaaaaaaaahn—Well don’t you know that happiness, Yes it is: gun. •_!!_• The Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al SAUD, just called the unsecured cellphone of Vladimir Putin’s little bitchMBS just ordered Donald Trump to stand-down on the “Terrorist” lead. Sources close to the President of the United States of America confirm that the Crowned Prince suggested that the matter was to be blamed on a “Work Place” love triangle. TimeStamp: 19h20 in Central NATO Time.

Meanwhile, at the U.S. Senate, ARMENIA never happened, by way of an American sponsored “resolution”… in order to satisfy an Ottoman “stuffed” Turkey. Ever wonder why Donald Trump skipped the traditional Benjamin Franklin “Original” national bird? It was out of respect to Erdogân, MAN!!! C’mon, period

In other news, the White House answered yesterday’s announcement from the Pelusa (10) at the House of Representatives, and in Washington, Nicolle Wallace is glad that öüï don’t use a Blackberry gadget. Even if she still won’t call us by our N.A.M.E.

All Eye wants for X-mas is more Y-mas

All Eye wants for X-mas is.:.B00A05EE-2C72-485E-845B-856C7165ADDD •|•
… [A] Y–mas, and if you are a Yaqui you’ll get it.

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