Deer, Elise del Percio and Susan Jordan

With a special FOREWORD, to mr. Joe Brzezinski and mrs. Mika Scarborough.

Mira cómo caen

¡Mira cómo caen los Cocos!.:.67D18BAF-B96E-4A59-86AB-3A09CFB1892F •|• “Al moverse las palmeras…

Listen ‘fellas, Eye knows how much you people love to suck up to them people with the power to command helipads on top of the Rainbow Lounge. Öüï get it, you people are all about the power that has centered that Kapital on just a few motherfuckers around the Globe.

But now, you people need to apologize to Senator Ocasio–Cortez… now Eye knows that A.M. Joy is going to scream and shout that AOC is only a “representative” and not a Senator, but peoples’, ‘lemme tell y’all (motherfuckers), that in this here motherfucking Honky Tonk EVRYbody in the legislative branch is a goddamned Senator.

¡Y aún hay Más!!! Stop blacking-out (no pun intended) my man Bernie, Alex Witt (our apologies for skipping that Gupta guy and being tardy).

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