FIP Strike Day Three — Eye stands Corrected, dijo Blinkin

19h in Central NATO Times
Hoy no hubo Jazz

Nº 2494 – l'histoire

Nº 2494 – l’histoire.:.540CFBF0-11C2-47D1-A5AE-3ACFA161CE11 •¥• “Don’t worry son, ne t’inquiète pas,” said Eugène, and then he blew a kiss towards the column, and like D.A.T. it went from a bright Whiter shade of pale and into a lighter shade of Brown.

Ladies in Gemini, the following segment must bee read in the SNL’esque voice of Darrel Hammond, a.k.a. “Slick Willie”, and the setting is the Nativity scene at the Maid of Orléans Chapel inside of the Church of Saint Sulpice.

But FOist, we [the staff] are currently under attack by some major gremlins who, probably teamed up with some "hard pipe–hittin' gknomes". Thanks for the "black mirror*" literally.

… [Deer] president Trump, please stop using my Template to make your daytoday narrative, c’mon Fucker, you have a fucking Army of sycophants in your media arsenal to write you a script. Plus, motherfucker, you have the RUSSIAN troll farms to get you through your own fucking trial. Now, you SonofaBitch! Let Mí, motherfucker, stream “Robin Hood men in tights” in PEACE, and stop “blackening” my screen out.

She can Speak with a Bolivarian accent

…[A]nd, she can Speak with a Bolivarian accent, punto y aparte

* For the record, at 21h50 in CET our cell phone screen was remotely shut-down (Like a black mirror) but the sound kept a–sounding; minutes later the phone went silent. At 22h20 (what are the odds) the phone booted–up (Tim Apple’s logo came on).

"We are men, we are men in tights"

“We are men, we are men in tights”.:.B44132A3-9F78-415F-B69D-E065C78CD575 •|• Bum bah rahm bum bum — bum bum bum.

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