It’s Weekend Edition, Frank Sinatra Special Aliens are Ancient Edition

— Cut!!!

Uncle Joe's space cakes

Uncle Joe’s space cakes…

You can’t have it both ways David Childress… you can’t bring up Genesis and have that god-damn “slut” Eve go full–freak on my—Man, Adam, beefour that Fool bit that god–damned (Tim) Apple [Ancient Aliens, S14; E18; Friday, 01 Nov. 2019… “Food of the Gods].

Hear Mí out Franck

Hear Mí out Franck

Anygüey, America, don’t forget to FALL-back, later still on the Programming (3 a.m. EST) and then, if our Lorde Lorne (that motherfucker) permits, “Let’s go places”, or knot; back to you Peacock.

any thing you can do

Any thing you can do.:.02B0D618-A347-42C4-B7A5-2ED821587D3E •|• Sygnus here on the …’ed line, S.V.P..

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