Hey, Purple Pundit — what a let down on them Indiana boys

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Groomed white heads
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The groomed white hair

“Groomed white onion hair motherfuckers are Close to fascists!”, Bernardino Arenas, dix it.:.58A34299-9F17-410F-9179-ADF607DC5D92 •|• EAT THIS, Mr. God, up on the 700 Cult; this fellow thinks and swears that his 100,000 followers will protest after the 2020 General Election in Putin’s United States, if Trump loses the race and, if the fascist–in–Chief refuses to step down from Office. You know, just like “Moscow Mitch” wouldn’t vote–in the groping Supreme Justice “six-pack Bret” on an Election year.

Americans, like the French are Stupid, fucking onion whig motherfuckers, let Mí explain:

T– minus 5️⃣ ; including Zero.

For the record, don Santiago

For the record, don Santiago Concha tu madre, there’s a Chile on that VoBo, said Bob Evans “A–List” stud buddy Aphrodisiac. Only on THE SILENT MAJORITY network.

R. Ewe ready? Who gives a fuck, gotta catch some zzz”s, Eye is only human, you fag.

Thank you, Beto, now fix El Paso... besos

For the record, Chuck Todd:

“POWER, [according to Nixon’s note taker]
is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac.”

Florida guy...

Florida guy hires green elements to deliver the knew News.

fuck FLORIDA, and fuck you… Love your show (though).

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