New News — Put a GoPro on it

Dear, Gen. McKenzie, Jr.

The type of person he is

“The type of person that he is”… thank you sir, for making KIDS and service canines the TOP PRIORITY OF YOUR STRIKE. Unlike your so called “Commander–in–Chief” who does not care for kids with cancer and just sends them in the WHOLE, to hell.

Thank you for your boom–boom report. It must be hard to finish up military Time punch under an idiot that can’t even pass candy out to little minions, let alone care for a canine.

Dog meat

Dog meat in Korea, and at any given Houston barbacoa taco stand is “exquisite” by the shop owner’s standards. •_!_• Just sayin.

Bob Evans was “exquisite”, a beautiful dandy, some might say, the operation that you are detailing to Donald Trump’s editorial system standards, was at best surgical.

Boston medical center

Mean, while Trump is President of Them United States, this cunt can’t be called a BITCH in Bean Town.

Carry on.
Sincerely, Field Marshall Carlin

P.S.: Here is La Fuente de doña Vilma en la OECD de la cantina Anahuacalli en la rue de los BERARDINOS, París, 75004.

Karime Macías pagó 3.6 mdp en GB para afrontar en libertad juicio de extradición

Deer Chuck Todd,

The script

… [P]reviously on: Mon Chiene Stupide, BB queen was about to go “Postal” on the jarhead.

“Justice is blind” is a colloquial (shop-reaction lingo) terminology, in the old days, justice called a sketchy deal an apothicaire deal. Now apologize to Bennett.

In Mexico new News, the BITCH who short-changed the médecine for KIDS WITH CANCER in the bloody state of Veracruz was arrested in London. She is now free to fight an extradition case in liberty thanks to the money that she and her husband, the ex–governor in that state STOLE.

Pelotero a la bola, ¡ PLEYBÓL !

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