New News — Put a GoPro on it

Dear, Gen. McKenzie, Jr.

The type of person he is

“The type of person that he is”… thank you sir, for making KIDS and service canines the TOP PRIORITY OF YOUR STRIKE. Unlike your so called “Commander–in–Chief” who does not care for kids with cancer and just sends them in the WHOLE, to hell.

Thank you for your boom–boom report. It must be hard to finish up military Time punch under an idiot that can’t even pass candy out to little minions, let alone care for a canine.

Dog meat

Dog meat in Korea, and at any given Houston barbacoa taco stand is “exquisite” by the shop owner’s standards. •_!_• Just sayin.

Bob Evans was “exquisite”, a beautiful dandy, some might say, the operation that you are detailing to Donald Trump’s editorial system standards, was at best surgical.

Boston medical center

Mean, while Trump is President of Them United States, this cunt can’t be called a BITCH in Bean Town.

Carry on.
Sincerely, Field Marshall Carlin

P.S.: Here is La Fuente de doña Vilma en la OECD de la cantina Anahuacalli en la rue de los BERARDINOS, París, 75004.

Karime Macías pagó 3.6 mdp en GB para afrontar en libertad juicio de extradición

Deer Chuck Todd,

The script

… [P]reviously on: Mon Chiene Stupide, BB queen was about to go “Postal” on the jarhead.

“Justice is blind” is a colloquial (shop-reaction lingo) terminology, in the old days, justice called a sketchy deal an apothicaire deal. Now apologize to Bennett.

In Mexico new News, the BITCH who short-changed the médecine for KIDS WITH CANCER in the bloody state of Veracruz was arrested in London. She is now free to fight an extradition case in liberty thanks to the money that she and her husband, the ex–governor in that state STOLE.

Pelotero a la bola, ¡ PLEYBÓL !

Los Padrinos del Caribe; Season 2

¿Y Chayanne, Sheppard?

Los padrinos del playbol

Los padrinos del playbol… pelotero a La Bola, rieleros a la División del Norte. Y Viva Villa, Cabrones. These here is GÜEY beyond “fussin'”, thyme 4 fightin’? We Report, Sheppard Smith  breaks the Fox.

Or, has the NOW fugitive governor only apologized to Ricky Martin? We [the staff] will not stand for these two menudencias de la burocracia de la América que ya no tiene venas, puras cicatrices.

Y José Feliciano goes

Y José Feliciano goes: so what, Miles, so fucking what, small thyme shit. C’mon Baby, Lock Him Up!!! Lock RickyRo up.

Musical Guest: Luisito Rey
en el rol de
El Canelo Álvarez.
Sponsored by Carlos Slim
… and SONY Music Latino USA
o algo así.



La Abundancia — When The Levee Breaks

Te odio con odio jarocho.”
El Ratón Crispin*

“… más fresca que una [Puta] Lechuga”, ¡su escudo es el TriColor!!! •–_!_–•  Feliz mes de la patria 2018 —Año de HIDALGO.

“If it keeps on raining…”
Zeppelin Goes Here.

Preparation F…,  for all your pains in the bunghole.

TimeStamp: 16h20
in Central Europe Time

Frequency Hop…

The following program is brought to Ewe, by:

  • rapid fat burning
  • excitability
  • nervousness
  • increased energy
  • greater determination

Clanbuterol, not quite Tramadol®️.

En La Opinión de un Animal Político…

Sources follow:

Cómo ver La Pelea por Internet”,

En La Opinión de un Animal Político

Zeppelin goes here:

5000 lies to make America (sin acento) “great” again. Congratulations, Donald Trump; Ewe sir, are the Babe Ruth of Bull Shit, according to Hardball on the msnbc’s… BTW: The FALL IS COMING.

Ceremonial Award — it’s Showtime

TimeStamp: 09:30 hours in Central Siren Den Time

… sadly, before Division Command opens the award ceremony in honor of Teeny Tiny Cat for Standing his Post until properly being Relieved we [the staff] observe a minute of silence for the Sixth communicator that lost his life in Mexico. Once again, impunity disguised as “there’s nothing to be seen here” took the life of yet another Journalist; this time around, Héctor González Antonio, 40 years of age, was beaten to death in Victory City, in the state of Tamaulipas.

En México ni el Tiempo pasa… en México no pasa nada.

Actual TimeStamp in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, is the Third Hour of the Last day of May of 2018… meanwhile near Buckingham palaceoh, What a Wonderful World for a Karimewife of Javier “jarocho” Duarte.

El trabajo periodístico no tiene mucha ciencia. Basta con ser buen reportero para cumplir con la chamba. Pero eso sí tiene su chiste. Un buen reportero tiene fuentes confiables, a las que puede llamar sin que duden de él. Fuentes bien informaras. Y Héctor siempre sabía a quién buscar”… Pascal Beltrán del Río, en: Bitácora del Director en Excelsior; Miércoles 30 de mayo.  }—~~~\*> Esperemos… que en el OTRO CASO “DUARTE”, Londres NO SEA como El Paso, Texas.

TimeStamp: Who Knows… ask the Quantic Soul Orchestra, who are spinning right now on the turn tables of Minnie Miny Cat —Welcome, who would have thunk it, eh… that the Very Same STATE that Luis Posada Carriles used to illegally enter into the U.S. to plan, yet another “hit” on Fidel, would have probably been the beginning of his down fall, but ‘BAMBI’ would prove two things, one, that There’s No God in Mexico; and two, that he had friends in ‘High Level Places’, and thus, he literally made a mockery of those precious Immigration Laws and-oh-by—THE GÜEY, ‘bambigot away with dozens of murders —all in the Name of The United States of America— Yes he did, George Doub-eh-YA Bush… you cleared him.

For the record: this frame was originally posted on November of 2016 during Fidel’s funeral procession… the following is the original cutline: Foto de Intermedio… foto debe de ser reemplazada con la foto de el terrorista [“Anti-Castro militant] Luis Posada Carriles. The one where the terrorist is being led by Federal US Marshals into the Texas District Court, in El Paso, Texas. It’s from 2007. | For additional information ask TIME magazine what happens “When America’s Ally is a Terrorist.” For the RECORD: la foto ya fue reemplazada.

TimeStamp: 3 Bandits
at 18h41 in
Central Siren Time
with Minnie Miny Cat scratching them Vibes.
“Yeah Baby”.