Leticia and Susana in four pitches

The following is an inter•mission before the biggest game in the history of Empires, period; if Maradona would have been spit into this world in say, el paraje de Punta Cana, o en San Pedro de Macoris, “el pelusa” would still be a phenom, and he would probably wear stripes just like with Evita, in Argentina.

No insistas, Comadre Letty… mi corazón es de Suzi

"Living in a past time paradis"

“Living in a past time paradis”

… [E]ven if Susana ignores my “professional clear plastic binder.”

After the break, it’s live Vía Satélite, from GUERRA, Santo Domingo, en la mera República Dominicana, The other School of The Américas.

The visit

The visit, an update on the Nicolle Wallace show for dummies. Deer Nicole: each  “elipsis” is a Venn diagram element of a Francis Ford Coppola film technique. Parallels are for dummies.

for the record: the day that Ugly Mexicans read a report is the day that they will depend on a stinkin’ Badges, and after three years of studying Sam Stein’s ugly Mug, we [the staff] feel sufficiently numbed to the unpleasantness of having to visit the Laura Ingraham advertorial hour. Dear god, Sam Stein your ugly.

*. The New York Times; a.k.a. Batman’s City or, Babylon ii; October 30, 2019 (International Edition). Page 12, right next to the FLEAs’ on page 13.

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