Actually, mr. president of Ted Nugent’s united states of america

Trust Mí, we [the staff, even in our “mosquito wing private” mode] have more experience than your Id (Freud), your I.D. (Grunts), and yes, even the ID. (Iraq currency) that you are trying to inflate with that worthless and wasted military academy training that your immigrant mum sent you away to get. You, sir, fail as a military strategist. Ted Nugent was more tactical–driven when he systematically shit his pants to avoid the ‘Nam—man!

Sure... but have you tasted the Giant

Sure… sure; Royal with Chessy, but tell Mí, “Oliver” if D.A.T. is your real nomenclature, have you barfed after a Giant à la rue de Rivoli?

You sir didn’t make Columbia’s enemies weaker, what you, sir, accomplished was the opportunity for a bunch of purpose–oriented combattants to trim the fat off of their meritocracy.

Deer Susana Sepulveda*
Is D.A.T. you howlin’
or are you just happy that you don’t read us?

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