… [A]nd in Washington, it’s 7 a.m.

Donald Trump can’t even get a SitRep report without following on nº 44 holie shoe leather Leadership.


Obviously.:.A3A907A2-0C25-442B-B1BE-69DD4F6BB977 •|• The difference lies in D.A.T. nº 45 had his ass wiped by a nanny well into his teens, right before DONALD JOhN dodged the DRAFT, period

Hey, Donald,
you missed the most important part of the checker move on a Chinese chessboard,
people “who know”
call it
L’etat d’urgence EN PERMANENCE…
Evry Monday from 20h to 22h in CET

Charlie don't surf

Charlie don’t Surf.

Still to come:
L’Armée de papa “The story of cadet Trump”
by: Eric Trump

Landmark celebration

Landmark celebration… we [the U.S.] need Trump out of the Putin BDSM hotline.

… Happening now, Donald Trump is answering through turbine NOIZE on his way to take a shit on Chicago. Or maybe it’s just a leak, anyway CHIcago, ChiCAGO.


In Europe, it's the 11th hour

In Europe, it’s the 11th hour on the p.m. dial.:.95770B80-AB2A-4E72-92C7-72F25EEC1BB4 •|• and in WaWa Land, Chuckles had the day off.

Deer Chance the Rapper, öüï don’t chose the Soundbytes on LIVE tv, we just Shift’em.


FUCK our pussy–ass Putin lovin’ LITTLE President.

Meanwhile in Monterrey...

Meanwhile in Monterrey… the KKK rears it’s ugly covers. It matters because of the “Trump Third safe Country reich”. Over in Philly, PA, The Ari Melber show is sending EVRY_personne to JAIL!!! Oh, the humanity.

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