All Saturday Night Tous Saints vacation

Issy, Lorne Michaels (in the U.S. of A.) is on the same « holiday » schedule of the French. Right now, at Oh–Six–Something hours in CET, Woody “cheers–zombie-killer” is doing the re-run from his “ananas” farm in Hilo, Hawaii, period

Anthony Kiedis guest stars

Anthony Kiedis guest stars in yet another hipster BoVo head-grabbin’ duo, with Fleas on the side.

So, we [the staff] of this most non–Fast_and_Furious (pítazo) blog CATCH UP with The New York Times movie critic section. This week’s theme is, “Breaking Bad News” a la mode de Nous Ici á Paris. Very original… very, very original. Must bee nice to come up with EYE grabbin’ headlines that are made for « Da’motherFunkIn Streams”. Enjoy!

"Iba rengueando la yegua"

“Iba rengueando la yegua”, la Guardia Nacional “traía la carga ladeada”, version BandaMax de Culiacán, o cómo dice la gente de El Diario y de Arroba Juárez: La Línea beat.

“All the News that fit to print”, or something like D.A.T., period (no stop) go to jail.

16 tons meets sing-sing

Six Strings under AMLOve

Six Strings under AMLOve.:.B72A362F-CA31-47D9-B981-214198B26AF6

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