Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, part ii


Coherence…wait for it, Curly

Admit it Ari Melver, you want me on that Tag Team (en relevos australianos)

Ladies in Gemini: Tom Cruz

PSA for the guards follow.:. to bee fair, the CEREMONY resumed at 14hrs, with nº 93… and the Log won’t let mí lie, it was Window Three…. [A]nd Eye knows that the security chief knows what the PSA is about, eh? But just in case the security cameras at The Tribunal de Justicia en Clichy did not, Eye repeats, did not record the ZafarRancho, it involves the LUNCH BREAK of your automated wait your turn in-line ticket dispenser, the LACK of a Standard Operating Procedure is going to require a TRANSLITERACION of the old árbol caído maxim: entre La Bola ni se supo.

Context fall...ows.

Context fall…ows.:. but first, the Meaning of a motherfucking HasteRisk in Dogertown, here’s the Breakdown… but FOist, more aguita de Toreros Muertos follows, period ;? and for the record, there’s a white elephant in that frame.

But FOist, Society in General would like to send a message to Donnie Deutsch,
courtesy of the Panda Squad
at “the” Luc Fregón Academy

Donnie Deutsch's cup

Donnie Deutsch’s cup… wait one Hot minute, Niño Luc… gotta fill Donnie’s cup with Toreros Muertos Water… BUT HEY, motherfucker, here’s an Internal announcement for you. This blog is dying, it needs 300 euros in order to BEE able and continue to water the rats with: H2O’ita Jaune.

THE RETURN OF: konFUpanda en Aguascalientes TV, vía France 24

Quid pro QUÉ??

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