Whack a Gnat — ÖÜÏ Love It

Game One Timeline coming UP.

Gooooo Dodgers.

Gooooo, Dodgers.:.426D8785-4C8F-48ED-B9CD-015AD4EBFA36

And in Local News, Trump tariffs kick–in, no champagne for the Clubhouse.

By the way, in Washington at the White House lawn, reporters continue to question a turbine, amplified and modulated only by Donald Trump’s bullshit.

In LA is the Tenth Hour in Pacific STANDARD Thymes… here’s the Reuters fallout by a Mason:

"Well how 'bout D.A.T. »

“Well how ’bout D.A.T. » .:. B101D155-B432-41F2-B928-037AFA2C95CB


 Bee Yourself

Bee Yourself

Over at every Sport’s Bar in Washington is the bottom of the Eight and the Dodgers are coming at You from the mound: Score is 4 / nothing for The Dodgers. Time Now is 05h30 in CET …

It's The 11th Hour

At The Chavez Ravine it’s The 11th Hour and at La Ducha Municipal de doña Anne son las Ocho del Chavo, period

and by 11h45 in A NeW York Minute the score added two Gnats to the SCOREBOARD: 6 / nothing in Favor of the LAD’s, artistry pitching this FRIDAY MORNING with the Squelch–On in France.

It's 10h20 in Saint Sulpice Thymes

It’s 10h20 in Saint Sulpice Thymes.:.DB927C03-20D8-4C4F-A75E-5EC354DD9B09

Game Two, mañana, and the Purple Pundit is on re–hash mode at the Rockefeller streams, pinch hitting for Maddow, who is out making love to her Blowout book, Oh, the humanity, “Short people have no reason”, period

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