Previously, on “a show about nothing”… Elaine walks into a

Elaine walks into a West Texas Town of El Paso cantina, hilarity ensues when El WAPO (Costa The Greek) motions to Kramer, who’s trying to steal 2nd.

But FOist. In local news:
Mme. Hidalgo’s efforts to bring pollution levels Down at the metroPOLE are scrapped by an almost full stop of the Underground System, except for the PURPLE and YELLOW lines ; one takes the peoples to La Défense, while the other takes the travelers to the Architect’s National Library. 

Sección T to the Spaghetti–oh’s, —on the Mr. Noa Noa Show:

Benemerito Apetito tengan todas Sus Mercedes!!!

Benemérito Apetito tengan todas Sus Mercedes!!!

Oh, Jabouki Young–White… you are Ah–DORA_ble! … any güey:

4 de...

Deer, mr. Yang:

IT WAS YOUR MOMENT!!! You promised spectacles! And you go and open your arms for all… WTF?

Later on: Old Peoples News:

Old people

Old people have no reason, period… fucking Heilemann, trying to pull a Meacham con el fondo de Maher… get a Dress, you spectacle.

Mr. Noa Noa steals this Young MC’s gig

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