Cinco de Warhol — 5 de BriWi

Six of …

Los andenes

Los andenes

For the record, the Paris (crystal) TRIbunal closes at 18h00 in CET… but all of the InformaTION WINDOWS de La Chanson Française shut their windows FAT32 systems before Eighteen hundred hours in Central CineMASCOpe Thymes.

La Grave es Greve

La Grave es Greve

Fuchi–Güacala, mejor ni hablar de Eso, period

Na na na na

Na na na na, D.A.T. Cat ain’t gonna Nap and that Dog ain’t gonna Hunt. Niño Luc! Stop giving John Schofield the God Damn G.P.S.!!!

… [A]nd for the record, Niño Luc, you don’t GkNoW ZORB∀!!! Here, Niño Luc, meet MANKIND:

Los COSTAlazos

Los COSTAlazos de La Lucha Libre. Fuck Western Democracy!!! Of course, when WHITE PEOPLE from the Rockefeller Center tell you this little Nugget FOUR years after the fact, it’s called “journalism”, when an Independent Mexican-American sends the same signal to THE NEW YORK TIMES à SCIENCES PO in real time the entire apparatus goes: LET HIM EAT CAKE, period. MR. Dickey, SHOW YOUR WORK!!! Show your work before you return to La Promenade de les anglais EN NICE, motherfucker.

Your Daily Beast: Christopher Dickey is “Tagging” The Death of French Culture!!!!

No es lo mismo

Raphaël Morán (Radio France International) and the Mexican Embassy (Servicio Exterior de Bernardo Gómez y Jared Kushner) are going to kill the guy who brought you this most NON–Consequential blog. THANK YOU, Rachel, and give our REGARDS to Bill Sanders in “that West Texas town of El Paso,” period

Of course, what happened outside of Angela Merkel’s HOUSE does not happen outside of MSNBC correspondent, CHRISTOPHER DICKEY’S “petit palais”  à  Champs Elysées, eh!

VIVA méxico

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