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"hey boy where ewe coming from

“hey boy where ewe coming from… where you get that POV?” Wanna know how to spot a Fictitious Feminist in a TEXAS court room: DIVORCE LAWYERS get paid in blow-JOBS, and then those lawyers go on the County Judge MARY–GO–around the bench election. For the record, there is an archive in El Paso “Ethics Commission” filed by yours truly and, Joe Old, —if he still Lives, can’t let me lie on this, he was my Journalism 101 instructor and a “friend of the Court” in El Paso on this one pivoting issue for this particular EUROPEAN “vacation”, mr. Old he stayed out of the review panel BECAUSE as he put it, it was a “conflict of interest”,  period

Quentin Tarantino in collaboration with R.O.M.A. Films and Zorba the Beaner:

Canal 34

SIN Uni Visión 34 — Track 2, Nice Boys don’t Sing Rock and Roll, period (Geffen Records).

A. B. B. A c.
Over the SCRIPTures
and Behind the Teleprompter


Simón, “This is a song about your fucking Mamacitas”… Hear Mí Out Frank! Reel Thyme joins The Alabama Blind BoyA capella.

A documentary about men without a cunt
A documentary about men without a country, period

1 of...

One of .:. DEER, JERRY SEINFELD, Eye feels your pain.  Fucken WAPO, taking “The Process” from Time in a Bottle, de Joan Manuel Serrat. The nerve of them ENGLISH majors. Ivy League is calling’em inn. Fucking American Journalism, only like Three–Years behind the INTERMEZZO del 2016. What’s next CHILD alienNATION. Men, are the enemy. KILL them all, including Jesus Fucking Christ, period

Deadline WaWa… a show about our Template/Draft, period

The ceremony begins with JimBo instructing the Pensacola, Florida ( Red Neck Riviera) deep South ideologues that the SALAMANDER does not want any Sor prizes, eh! Jim expresses that

De dos a Tres caídas

De dos a Tres caídas:  NEWSFLASH, NEWSFLASH:  TEXAS LAWYERS HAVE NO ETHICS especially in El Paso— and that’s a FACT.  Eye never thought to say this, but CASTRO just told a BIG lie: Bill Maher sings “I used to love her” and Cousin Joe croons “… [B]ut Eye had to kill her”, period

Improvisation is FAR–FAR_far from a mere Mis–en–Scene put–on bee cause Ewe fuckers already know, that Who’s on First and, that the rest of the Stage, and the rest of their Stories ain’t nothing more than Political Advertising (U.S.)Dollars for the coffers of Donnie Deutsch and FOX news; “it’s an Eminece Front.”

Relevos Australianos

Relevos Australianos, “El Brazo” — 3 de …

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