… [A]nd in the role of Mario Vargas Llosa: Quentin Tarantino

Starring, Roman Polanski as Jack Nicholson, “this Pole needs an Ænema!!!”

Ice Cream Man in La Grange

Ice Cream Man in La Grange, period


No insistas, Comadre Lety, my screen belongs to Suzi (sin los sepultureros).

Breaking News. Certain French people in Boston have sequestered Billie’s Holiday, kids everywhere are forced into institutions where struggling teachers try to make ends meet. “Strange forces at work?” not really, summer has left the BFM building.

Page 33 of El País

The Joker in Phoenix! Page 33 of El País, 1 de septiembre 2019, Día del Informe ; musical guest: Danzig

Page 34,
How to invade Poland in 10 steps
(goose–steps, of course)
1 de septiembre, 2019

REVISTA V” ; El País.
STEP 01: Crear Un Pretexto

— STEP 10: Ser Brutal y Despiadado

There is a queer cowboy in that frame

There is a queer cowboy in that frame, Certains en fip will swear on the Next Segment: Suzi y los Sepultureros contra los vaqueros jotos de odessa y su PIMP, The NRA.

PARDON MY NOTICING, but do you have any Gray Poupon? And forgive Mí for asking, is it just the Band A Part, or are Americans getting better and better at After Action Shooting Reviews. Hey Sheriff, way to suck that Hell on Wheels of D.A.T. gov’nor of yours!!! eh!!!

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