Dear, 10 o’Clock Siren ; no seas como la Celestina

Oh, the humanity. There is was no escape hatch.
Of Course... She's a robot

Of Course… She’s a robot, Eye Gknew it!

…[A]nd in Nantucket, fearless leader, Joe Scarborough is comfortably tucked in his jammies while Jazmin Vee carries the Rockefeller ship on her shoulders, period You have no morale and recreation scruples, Cousin Joe. Bee Stong Jasmin V.

It's a Jasmin Matathon

It’s a Jasmin Vee Marathon all the way to Deadline… wait, it’s mattress day sale today, Stay Strong Jazz!!!


Nantucket update:
17h20 in Central Siren Time
Cousin Joe ignored the warning signals and now Jasmin Vee is hauling a 75–foot Burning Diver… vaya quebrada.

Sink it...

Sink it… sink Florida, it’s too fucking Loud, anyway. Brooom, broooom!!! •|• HILTONhead, now that’s a relaxing scene there.

…[A]nd Arianna Huffington goes: actually, loud pipes save lives, period

mean while in France:

Por fin, los muy francesitos regresan a su rentrée, o algo así. For the record monsieur X3 a La Prefecture de Paris, room 1511, i armando segovia, FROM day one of this most non-consequential journey to La France, told y’all that i was not going to « Integrate » ; nor that i, armando segovia, would be “SEEKING” that most dreaded word for White Nationalists such as Bernardo Gómez business partner, Jared Kushner, —and his wife Ivanka’s lover.

No insistas

NO INSISTAS.:.DEC89E9E-6E24-4C31-859F-4EB53C38FAC5 *Sin sus sepultureros.

HOWEVER, if i, armando segovia, was to seek ASYLUM, from WHOM would i, armando segovia, be seeking this ASYLUM from?

1. La France (Since you advocated for my professional assassination).
2. Le Mexique (Do i really need to DRAW IT FOR y’all Sciences–Po graduates?).

"Todo el tiempo libre..."

“Todo el tiempo libre…”

3. Les Américains de Donald Trump (Ask me how, please, ASK ME how?

The Best Blood in the world, —the kind that donates life.

Aquí en París (Texas) y hasta en China (Nuevo León).

Aquí en París (Texas) y hasta en China (Nuevo León) .:. 9EAD79B9-A14E-44BA-AE6D-D527C8C7BF7C

I, Armando Segovia, arrived to your HEXagon (Mr. l’adjoint au chef du 6éme bureau) with a Scientific Research SEAL stamped by the French Consulate in Santa Monica, California, not from a Hollywood Bungalow like the main characters in all of the Quentin Tarantino’s flicks’, eh!

Anyway, the delivery of a geography:

“no estoy moreno…

Risk bonus

Risk bonus aguinaldo, because Climate Change shifted MxMás lay–a–Güey season.

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