Never mind the Issac sons — Here comes the Bird men

Lizzy and Joey are but gateway crowds for Sandman, man.

D.A.Y. don't gKnow

D.A.Y. don’t gKnow.:.7A23A7F6-8262-4C47-9EC6-AA2217E3757EFake speech, it’s part of The American Dream, es parte de El Show, and after the “reality bites” presidency, Quentin Tarantino presents:

So... you don't love Televisa

So… you don’t love “la televicracia” de Televisa, anymore, mi Negro? .:. Señor Alejandro’s busto de don Beno is courtesy of the former Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile at the Washington Post, David Ignatius, in the role of mr. Mean, fires a El Hombre Araña and denies the net spreader his Unemployment Benefits... oh, the Marvel Cake in this humanity!
and in the role of MG Spyder Le Man

and in the role of MG Spyder à Le Mans, casi en route to Nantes, France (land of Vikings) period

The Confabulated Branch at Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washing ton D.C. comix.

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