Hey, Fake Rasta… This one’s for you

Passage has been cleared,

El loco

Hey, Lorenzo (amigo) en buena onda, do you know what the common folk, —en Madera, Chihuahua— (Sierra Madre / Tarahumara) call a crazy person ?

Lorenzo, of course. and yes don Antonio, context from “El chavo del Ocho”, follows.

« (Full speed ahead Mr. Parker, full speed ahead
Full speed ahead it is, Sergeant
Action station, action station
Aye, aye, sir, fire
Captain, captain)… period”

We all live in a Yellow Submarine, darlin’
¡Besos! Y Buen Viaje, öüï –the staff— don’t choose the jamz, öüï only sample’Em#, period


… and just in case any of you, motherfuckers, might have ThUnKen that French Rasta was not a friend, you just might have another thing coming, even though it’s Crazy, mi Lorenz. R.I.P. 75001

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