Dear, Bill Maher: knot D.A.T. you will read this, part ii

Wait one…

Quentin Tarantino presents:

Quentin Tarantino presents: Le Opinel… it’s like a mine field, but in French.

Check Two:

the following is a
« Timed–Delay”

Pura coincidencia

Pura coincidencia pura, but for the record, monsieur Philippe Martin X3, never mind the BFM’ers because i never asked for “asylum”.:.D99479F2-54A6-4E37-8F37-CCD89F1A26EC •|• from the Source: The suspected attacker is a 33-year-old asylum seeker, BFM reported.

We don’t choose the shapes, we just identify these for you, gracious evaluator at WHO do NOT read us, from La Villette, period

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