When the Ari is out, the Mötley Mohyeldin play

Chapter Sixx follows…

Henri Dunant does not approve

Henri Dunant does not approve.

Them RockerFellas are letting everybody inn noww.

09h00 en Tout Beurre, France (central Europe).

Half a Beelion subpeanuts

Half a Beelion subpeanuts.:.661A676A-44E9-4615-9108-1F6D2026AF78 •|• There is no leaderSHIP when corrupt MultiBillionaires break the LAW and DAY Don’t GO straight to J.A.I.L. period, There is no LEADERship, mr. Biden.

Esteemed, Ayman, please bee advised the we [the staff] don’t pick–and–choose the postcards from the Edge, but You Too can get in line. In the mean time, while Donald continues to reveal the Soul of a country, and the peoples who rule them, we [the staff] would like to thank you, Sir, for showing the peoples who don’t read this most inconsequential blog, the most beautiful smile en un mundo patas pa’rriba. Gracias, señor.

There's always Monaco

There’s always Monaco, but only if you are a Johnson & Jon Sons Kids.

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