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Madam Macron, a Hillary Clinton look alike and other assorted vesicas from the big-kahuna lands are taking a photograph on the bottom part of them cliffs à Biarritz.

Live Jazzafip, 25th of august.
for the record

Esteemed, Reverend Al & despicable Joe

Esteemed, Reverend Al & despicable Joe.:.A99E7BB3-CB65-4D76-8EE2-3AE4AE723896 •|• Eye got’s 99 problems but, that D.A.R.E. Gray & the missing güila en el remolque de las Velib–iers are not on the Em# Stradivarius TRACK Listings.

Meanwhile this past weekend, during the Liberation of Nice, in the South of France, over in Kentucky Bernie is was telling AT & T that if they can afford to pay the big Hartford Investments & Funds to Last Week’s Tonight Host, they too (motherfuckers), can afford to send an Amazon « Special Delivery » of DOMINOS consequences crust stuffed pizzas to the surviving « canaries » of Moscow Mitch’s Coal Mines in “That Cold Kentucky Rain” at Churchill’s Downs.

In (almost local) Biarritz news

We'll look into it

We’ll look into it. Nuke Denzel Washington… got it boss!!!

oh boy!!!

20 minute man reports

20 minute man reports.:.DEC1805B-6A7A-4B8D-990C-941279AE29C5 •|• Ewe decide.

Drunk millionaire insists that added tax on imports is the equivalent of a B&B… which in TRUMPSPEAK it’s code for Brains & Boobs.

In Washington:

Katty Kay interviews Arthur Neville Chamberlain:

— So, Congressman you virtually installed the Vichy regime, and now, to atone for that little “Brain Fart”, you, motherfucker, wish to become the 46th President of Vladimir’s “Monte Zuma’s” revenge‽

— Indeed, Big Kat…

Happy Birthday CDG 2

Happy Birthday CDG 2 ; Ver. 2.1

— Don’t, don’t call me D.A.T., congressman.

It’s the Top of the fourth and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound and Eye don’t gives a darn is playing Shortstop in Indiana.

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