Breaking News: Kim Jung il fucked the First Lady

“I think she would agree”, all of the other presidents used a plane to drop money on North Korea and…

It's just a windmill

“they are worst than you”, was the comment from the president of the United States with regards to drinking French wine while he, (the 45th president) explained to the Hollywood press the bungaloo comercial provided by the softball question on how Donald Trump makes money from the presidency of the United States.



To quote an old West Texas presidential contender from El Paso, Texas (Southwestern, U.S) “people of the press: What da’Fuck!”, Issy, stop asking questions that Your Editorial morning briefings already know the answers to.

Annexo 1, por ejemplo Raquelito:

— Is The President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, a criminal by the United States Legal code of justice?

The answer, Raquelito, is a redundant Yes!!! period, Yes!!! period and, Oh–but–YES! Just ask a cock–sucking Robert Muller Report.

Does Any Body Remember
The Mu
eller Report?

Laughter Track goes here, Bonzo.

People of the U.S. press syndicated syndicates don’t do Donnie Deutsch’s pitch-for-Lincoln gas-chuggin’ SUV’s commercials for his Advertisment Firm.

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