Öüï interrupt the 75th Anniverzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Do not try to adjust your non-reading dials.

DAVID GURU broke the system, his lack of geo positioning skills on the G7 map has prompted the FIPpers to go all out Niçoise… MOTHERFUCKER!!! Do Not give the controls and/or listen to the directions of Jon Scofield. God damnit!

Öüï have control of the Quarry!!!

Ladiesin gemini
Ancient Liberators agree that Pedro Picapiedra was a French improvisation of Gerard Depardieu, and current H.O.B.O.S. all disagree, but the vestiges are all there like a Grey on a Poupon.

Is it possible?

Nice Vescica d.a.r.e.

No Insistas Comadre Lety.:.Nice Vescica you got d.a.r.e., FIP… or are you just happy that we [the staff] don’t listen to Sirens, eh?

Current historians at La Sorbonne and at the cest pool in Saint–Germain-des- Pres (Sciences-Popo) say no. Because only a certified talking head from the Parliament and/or a “French conservative” from Nice can discover and/or unearth such findings in Radio France. Indeed.

The Year is 1776, and A toothless General was having second thoughts of a French traveler who claimed that he could deliver the Continental War in favor of the Bostonnians, who in that period of history (Boston) was free of bad foot-odors due to stinky Redd Socks. Matt Dæmon, at that time was but a figment of Hanna–Barbera’s CIA imagination.

  1. BUT THE EVIDENCE IS ALL d.a.r.e.!!!

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